Lifesong Honduras

Hondurasby the numbers

  • Location:Central America
  • Population:8.45 Million (2013 est., CIA-World Factbook)
  • Language:Spanish
  • Capital:Tegucigalpa
  • Total Children Served:521
  • Fully Sponsored:55
  • Partially Sponsored:23
  • Unsponsored:151

Preparing children in Honduras to “Change their Nation!”

What you give:TOLM

  • Monthly Financial Support of $34 (partial sponsorship) or $68 (full sponsorship)
  • Regular Prayer Support for the needs of a child

What the child receives:

  • Quality Christian education
  • Nutritious meals, home, and medical care
  • Job skills training and micro-business opportunities
  • Ministry outreach
  • The gift of intentional prayer from their sponsor

100 orange100% of sponsorship received through Lifesong goes directly towards caring for children in Honduras.

*Due to staffing limitations and limited overhead costs, letter-writing correspondence is currently not available. However, you can expect to receive quarterly email updates about the program in Honduras.


Francis from Lifesong for Orphans on Vimeo.

Francis would tell you that it is because of Plan Escalon that he has hope for a better future, that his life is in a better direction and most importantly that he now knows the love of Christ.  View more stories from Honduras on our Vimeo Channel.

Making an Impact in Honduras

  • 70% of graduating children are gainfully employed, compared to a national average of 30% employment in Honduras!
  • 47% of Plan Escalon graduates go on to attend college/university compared to the Honduras national average of 1%.
  • Honduras is the 2nd poorest country in the Western Hemisphere.
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